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Our Instructors

The true strength of 3e Training is in its team of exceptional instructors.

All of our instructors are top-level, accredited professionals with years of experience in their areas of interest. They constantly evolve their materials and approaches to take advantage of new delivery techniques and new ideas.

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Kara Thompson

Principal and Facilitator

Kara Thompson’s 14 years of experience as a senior solicitor specializing in public sector procurement and contract law for the Alberta government, makes her a perfect fit for public sector training.

Her comprehensive knowledge of outcome-based and cost-effective public sector procurement practice, and familiarity with government business practice, ensures that her public-sector focussed training is relevant and responsive.

Her years of providing strategic legal solutions to public sector clients on complex contract issues, give her unique insight into her clients’ contracting issues and limitations, and make her adept at customizing courses for clients. Her collaborative approach to training utilizes her clients’ expertise to create thorough explorations of their highest priority issues.

Kara is on the faculty for the Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement Law and Practice at Osgoode Continuing Education in Toronto, as well as an instructor in Edmonton for Macewan University and Metro Community College.

Her training focuses on management of contracts, conditional grants and procurement processes. She also consults on procurement and contract projects.

Valarie Austen

Valarie Austen, a Director of Workplace Training, is a seasoned, highly-skilled professional with a diverse portfolio of specialized management and staff training programs. She specializes in supervisory skills development, leadership styles and group dynamics. With over 15 years experience in both private and public sector training, Valarie has a reputation as a grounded, knowledgeable and approachable facilitator with a passion for inspiring learning that results in progressive change. Valarie has worked with the 1994 Commonwealth Games staff, all Ministries of the BC Government , the BC Public Service Agency, the Legislative Assembly, several municipalities and select private corporations. Valarie is a graduate of the University of Victoria in Adult and Continuing Education and has completed the Justice Institute’s Certificate of Conflict Resolution Program. She is also qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and trained in the 4D-I and OneSmartWorld System.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown has extensive experience in the areas of adult training, consulting services and project management. He has accumulated over 25 years of training related experience in both the private and public sector as an employee with 3e Training Inc., Xerox Learning Systems (Stamford, Connecticut) and MR Communication Consultants (Toronto, Ontario). Paul attended the University of Toronto, completing undergraduate and graduate studies in the health sciences.

Since 1988, Paul has focused his efforts on the development and facilitation of workshops specific to how government is changing the way it conducts business, allocates resources, makes decisions, delivers services and infrastructure and defines accountabilities. These include workshops on contract, financial and risk management, transfer payments through conditional grants and contribution agreements, outcome based business planning, performance measurement and reporting. His principal clients are the provincial governments and Crown agencies of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan; Washington State Government and Yukon Government.

Gita Badiyan

Focused on working with organizations committed to high performance and value-driven leadership, Gita’s roles have included advising companies and designing systems and approaches to enhance the human side of business. Through her role as the managing director of Kiva Corporate Solutions since 2001, Gita has helped create momentum in organizations by using powerful engagement strategies to decrease turnover rates while increasing productivity and morale. Gita has led numerous projects in business and industry, taught at Universities and colleges and helped organizations boost business performance.

With a background in organizational development, management and governance Gita’s focus has been leadership development across various sectors, levels and cultures. She facilitates and coaches by combining practical business applications and research along with life experience to make a difference in the way people think, communicate and perform.

Gita considers herself a world citizen having lived and worked in South America, Europe, Middle East and the South Pacific. International assignments have given her work a distinctive depth and dimension helping her clients successfully capture the needs of a diverse workforce.