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Managing Client Services Contracts

A two-day workshop for government staff involved in purchasing services (community health and social type services) to be delivered to clients of the government.

Course Description

This two-day workshop speaks to the broad range of government contracts with the community health and social services sector. These contracts are for the delivery of services to clients of the government as opposed to government itself.

Client Services Contracts, also referred to as third party contracts, are considered a form of a government transfer, along with grants and entitlements. However, unlike grants and entitlements, they are governed by both contract law and government policies.

The course is structured around five distinct phases of the contract management cycle:

  1. Planning – developing the terms of reference and obtaining pre-approvals
  2. Pre-Award – soliciting and evaluating proposals from qualified service providers
  3. Award – negotiating, drafting and executing the contract
  4. Implementation – managing and monitoring the contract
  1. Evaluation – of the assignment, contractor, contract management team and the contract file

    For further insight to course content, see recommended pre-reading at bottom of this page.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and comply efficiently and effectively with government contract management policies and procedures
  • Solicit and evaluate proposals from qualified proponents in a competitive, fair and transparent fashion
  • Identify and mitigate risks associated with contracting and contract management
  • Establish a legally binding agreement with a clear framework of accountability for results with the service provider
  • Develop and implement a realistic monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Document for accountability and audit purposes
  • Develop an awareness of sources of contract expertise within the Provincial Government and know when to reach out for assistance to these resources

Competencies Addressed

  • Defining and Purchasing Results
  • Risk Management
  • Accountability and Transparency

Instructional Approach

Lecture, discussion and generic case studies

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