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Advanced Supervisory Workshop

Learn what it takes to develop real teamwork, motivate the unmotivated and create a culture of empowerment that is grounded in purpose and values.

Course Description

If you have the basic supervisory fundamentals or have actively been working as a supervisor for more than a year, you may be ready for the next step in your professional development. If so, you will want to attend this workshop.

This workshop will provide you with the ability to achieve results through others. It will help you stay committed to developing team effectiveness – the job of making your workplace into the team-based, self-managing workplace that is the result of true empowerment.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the process of leading and developing employees, communicating expectations and achieving results
  • Understand that people are all different and require different things in order to be motivated
  • Demonstrate leadership on a daily basis through actions and behaviours

Competencies Addressed

  • Empowerment in the workplace
  • Motivation

Instructional Approach

Lecturettes, discussion, activities, case study scenarios, video, and action planning to implement ideas back at the workplace

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