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Moving Up To Supervisor

This workshop will provide you with a foundation on which to build a supervisory philosophy that demonstrates a modern approach to leadership for today’s organizations.

Course Description

Moving Up To Supervisor offers essential skill development for frontline leaders, and will give you the confidence to take the learned skills back to the office for immediate application.

This workshop is based on core competencies, learned through skill practice, that focus on supervising people and achieving results. You will learn how to inspire commitment, teamwork and cooperation.

It will introduce you to leadership and show you how to achieve the best results from any team member by assessing individual levels of development. The workshop is an eye-opener for supervisors regarding the skills they should develop to be effective in their role.

Learning Objectives

  • Leading employees in the workplace
  • Clarifying the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities required by supervisors
  • Build a toolkit of people, technical and administrative skills for the future

Competencies Addressed

  • Effectiveness
  • Accountability

Instructional Approach

Lecturettes, guided discussion, supervisory tools and techniques, videos, case study exercises and role playing opportunities for skill practice.

The interactive teaching style and shared learning environment will allow you to contribute your own experiences. Opportunities for skill practice will be done in small, non-threatening work groups.

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