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Request For Proposals and Request For Qualifications Considerations

This two day workshop provides an understanding of the best practices associated with drafting Requests For Proposals and Requests For Qualifications. Offerings are scheduled on September 10 – 11, 2009 (Edmonton), October 15 – 16, 2009 (Calgary) and November 17 – 18, 2009 (Edmonton).

Course Description

Request For Proposals and Request For Qualifications Considerations is a two day workshop on the development and proper use of a Request For Proposal (RFP) and a Request For Qualification (RFQ). The workshop examines the suitability of these types of solicitations as the methodology best suited to satisfy your contracting requirements. Participants develop an appreciation for the complexities of these solicitations in dedicated exercises in a flow-through case study that allows for the practical application of the steps in the process.

The purpose of this training is to improve the performance of contract administrators and contract managers involved in the procurement and contracting process. A mixture of different types of facilitation (receptive and directive training, guided discovery and exploratory learning) is used to reach all potential participants.

This workshop will build on the basic contracting foundation established during two courses that could be considered as suggested prerequisites: Managing Government Contracts and Managing Client Services Contracts.


  • Competitive Contracting
  • The RFP Process
  • Best Practices
  • The RFQ Process
  • Integrity and Ethical Practices

    Facilitator: Terry Rogers is the Manager for Procurement and Contract Management training at Three-E Training Inc. in Victoria, BC. He has a wealth of experience in training systems, organizational leadership and project management acquired during his thirty-five years in the Air Force. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and attended a broad range of advanced level studies at senior officer workshops, executive seminars and at UCLA. Since joining Three-E Training Inc. in 2001, he has either been leading in or assisting in the design, development and facilitation of a variety of blended learning courses. Terry?s on-the-job experience in both large and small government procurement projects is the foundation for an entertaining and informative instruction style.

    To register, please use MyAgent on the Government of Alberta Learning Center web site. A schedule of offerings, as well as more course information, is also available at this site.

Learning Objectives

This training is designed to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Develop an awareness of the spectrum of activities in the solicitation process
  • Understand the principles of well-written solicitations
  • Appreciate the potential problem areas in the RFP and RFQ process
  • Identify ethical practices in the solicitation process
  • Apply the recommended process when using RFP?s and RFQ?s

Competencies Addressed

The ability to:

  • Understand the terminology and spectrum of procurement
  • Have an awareness of the market influences surrounding RFP’s
  • Understand RFP obligations and accountabilities
  • Appreciate the complexity of the RFP requirement and best value solicitations
  • Follow a road map during the RFP process
  • Learn best practices from other contracting situations
  • Manage the RFP & RFQ process
  • Understand the probity and integrity of RFP & RFQ solicitations

Instructional Approach

Brief presentations by the facilitator are used to generate participants discussions. A flow-through case study with distinct small group exercises is used during the course to consolidate the learning of participants supported by plenary discussions. The facilitator extensively uses actual contracting situations to internalize the best practices lessons learned for the participants.

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