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Managing Conditional Grants

This one day workshop will provide an understanding of Conditional Grants, their lifecycle, governance framework and best practices for managing. Offerings are scheduled on September 18 and December 3, 2009 in Edmonton.

Course Description

Conditional Grants represent a significant portion of government expenditures and are attracting greater scrutiny from accountability, audit, accounting, budgeting and planning communities.

Program management:

  • Need to understand their accountabilities and governance framework for the management of conditional grants
  • Are expected to exercise due diligence by allocating adequate resources to manage conditional grants
  • Need to employ a results based framework and risk based controls throughout the life-cycle of conditional grants

    Conditional Grants are different from and not to be confused with service contracts, however often are. Conditional Grants have different award processes, accountability, reporting and documentation requirements than service contracts.


  • Definitions – Government Transfers
  • Distinguishing between Conditional Grants and Service Contracts
  • Alberta Government Governance Framework
  • Legal Nature of Conditional Grants
  • Principles, Resources and Grantor Responsibilities
  • The Management Cycle
  1. Planning – developing the Terms of Reference
  2. Pre-award – accepting, soliciting and receiving applications
  3. Award – evaluating applications, negotiation, drafting agreements and execution
  4. Management – monitoring, interventions and documentation
  1. Evaluation – of the agreement, recipient and management team

    Facilitator: J. Paul Brown or Sean Ludlam, Three-E Training Inc., Victoria, BC
    Three-E Training provides financial, contract/procurement, risk, performance and resource management training to provincial and state governments in the Pacific Northwest.

    To register, please use MyAgent on the Government of Alberta Learning Center web site. A schedule of offerings, as well as more course information is also available at this site.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop participants will understand:

  • The Alberta Government Governance Framework for awarding and managing Conditional Grants
  • The distinction between a Conditional Grant and Service Contract
  • The different types of Government Transfers and Conditional Grants
  • The stages and life cycle of a Conditional Grant
  • Where to seek internal government assistance/expertise for providing and managing Conditional Grants
  • Internal accountability requirements for Conditional Grants – i.e. the grantor and the management team

Competencies Addressed

The ability to:

  • Award and manage Conditional Grants in compliance with the Alberta Government’s Governance Framework for Conditional Grants
  • Develop and manage results based Conditional Grants
  • Establish a clear framework of accountability between the government and recipient
  • Recognize and mitigate risks associated with Conditional Grants
  • Establish a legally binding agreement

Instructional Approach

Presentations, group discussion and case work

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