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The professionals at 3e Training have the experience, the contacts and the project management expertise to assist you in delivering a top notch event.

Our Services

We make it easy for you!

Let us save you time and take the stress out of planning your next conference or retreat. We will adapt to your desired level of participation during planning, delivery and post conference stages. Choose from our complete range of services aimed at small to mid-sized groups (10-100).

These services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Facilities management
  • Keynote Speaker selection and engagement
  • Workshop Presenter selection and engagement
  • Conference facilitation
  • On-line registration and payment
  • On-site registration and check-in
  • Development and production of presentation and printed materials
  • Evaluation and post conference review

Whether it's discreet, groundbreaking, recurring, or a one-time event, our proven expertise makes it easy for you to deliver outstanding results. To discuss your next event with us, call (250) 383-4333 or email info@3etraining.ca.

Our Clients Respond

"I was tasked with organizing a large event in Vancouver, British Columbia for the Institute of Citizen-Centred Service in February 2006. As we are located in Ontario, it was essential for us to engage the services of a reliable firm in British Columbia. To this end, 3e Training came recommended by several colleagues and we engaged their services.

"Overall, I was very impressed with their handling of all of the logistical elements of the event, as well as with their professionalism, throughout the planning stages and during the event itself.

"They handled the facilities management, on-line registration and payment, on-site registration check-in and the production of printed materials. They worked closely with our Steering Committee throughout the process, and were very engaged and receptive. Most importantly, they instilled confidence with their handling of the organization and execution of the event.

"The staff of 3e training handled all tasks efficiently and effectively; appropriate facilities and equipment were engaged, and the registration and payment processes went very smoothly. In addition, the staff provided excellent on-site services to ensure that the day was a resounding success. The overall experience was handled in a very experienced and professional manner. Consequently, I would highly recommend their conferencing services."

— Vicki Morrison, Program Manager, Institute of Citizen-Centred Service

"Reaching Peak Performance, a workshop delivered by 3e Training Inc. at our 2005 fall conference, was very interactive and informative, providing both an educational and entertaining session. This workshop, presented by Valarie Austen and Lisa Peters, exceeded the expectations of the audience, who found the presenters and their subject matter to be dynamic yet relaxed, humorous and attention-grabbing. Many attendees, in fact, wished this was a full-day course instead of a half-day. All in all, Valarie and Lisa were excellent presenters, engaging their audience and providing them with much to take back to their workplace.

"We look forward to working with 3e Training Inc. again in the future."

— Kathie Best, Director, Member Services, Community Social Services Employers' Association

Past Clients

BC Ministry of Environment, Administrative Assistant Recognition Day - 2006, Nanaimo

Community Social Services Employers' Association (CSSEA), Annual Conferences 2005 and 2006, Victoria

Elevate Consulting, Re-Energize Conference - 2006, Victoria

Institute for Citizen Centred Service (ICCS), Measuring and Managing Citizen Satisfaction: Enabling Your Organization's Service Improvement Strategy - 2006, Vancouver

Syscom Consulting, Annual Retreat: The Future - A Collaborative Workplace - 2006, Victoria

Victoria Quality Council, Annual Excelebration Conferences